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Marbles are beautiful precious stones with available in wide range of colors and patterns. They are highly valued and widely used in

buildings, monuments, and sculptures.   

Pure marbles (i.e. white marbles free of inclusions and marks) are used for sculpture and architectural, since they reflect light softly and

semi-translucently. Many marbles show colorful patterns. The patterning arises from various trace minerals. Marble containing hematite

are reddish in color. Marble that has limonite is yellow, and marble with serpentine is green in colour.

Ariston   Moonlight Beige   Venata White   Volakas   White Cream
White Travertine   Beige Travertine   Burdur Beige   Egyptian Beige   Egyptian Yellow
Golden Beige   Omani Beige   Ottoman Beige   Royal Batticino   Spain Beige
Dark Emperador   Omani Beige   Big Flower Green   Arabescato   Spain Beige
California Honey   Crema Ivy            









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